Losing Interest in Life – 1 Feb 10


I was once talking with one of my friends in Germany about unemployment which is increasing in Western countries. Of course the situation of economy is a reason for this because posts are reduced, many companies decide that they don’t need that many employees and that they cannot afford them and so many people lose their jobs. And many young people don’t get any job. Especially for young people this is bad, those who just want to start their career, who have learnt to do something and now don’t get a chance to use it anywhere.

However I talked with my friend about other people, namely those who have lost all interest in even trying. We talked about how some people are happy with a little money that they get from the state and they don’t aspire anything more than that. They seem to be happy if they can eat and sit in front of the TV, talk on phone and play computer games.

I have met some people like this or parents who consult with me about their children and it is really unimaginable how someone can have lost all interest in doing anything. They are doing nothing creative that could help them, help this society or help this world. Their days are passing by with eating and sleeping, their mornings, evenings and nights are nothing else than just passing time.

But this lack of interest can sometimes also be seen in people who do work and who have a job. They are not at all interested in their job, they just do it because they need to earn some money. Whatever their job is, they don’t put their heart or soul into it. If they didn’t have to do the job, they would never do it. It is crazy because there are people who are yearning to get a job like these people have!

You need to have interest in life, that is the first thing! Be interested in life, that is your time now! You need to participate in your own life and live it! Be alive!

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