Please read if the Aim of your Life is working to save Money for your Offspring! – 3 Oct 16


I yesterday wrote that you should enjoy your work, as it takes a big part of your day. At the same time I mentioned that a lot of people could also cut down on work and work for just a little less money. They could really be happier in their daily lives. And this is something I would recommend to a lot of my Indian countrymen: work less and enjoy life more instead of working and trying to save everything for your offspring!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I also save money and of course I also think about my daughter and her future. I know a lot of people however who forget that life is about joy and spending time together, too, not only about working and saving and saving and working!

You have managed to secure your own living and you are making money. Now you are worrying about your children. You have supported them while growing up and you are still continuing this support. You work longer than you would need to so that you get extra money.

Have you ever thought that it might be more important for your children to have you there in person, to be with you, have you as an example, a living and real person and not just someone their mother tells them about? Or whoever takes care of them – it is not only men earning money after all!

Finally, once you have taken care that your kids can go to a school and learn for their own education, don’t you think they will manage further on their own? That they should enjoy living their lives with every challenge that is included? You have made sure that they are able to take care of themselves – now let them put this into practice!

Really, I don’t say you should let your children down or never support them financially. You should however not forget living your own life or bury yourself in work so that whatever they know of you is that you always worked a lot!

I am sure your children will appreciate it!

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