Enjoy your Work or make a Change! – 2 Oct 16


I explained yesterday that we are very busy these days – but you know what, we are loving it! It is of course a lot to do and I am sure there are always things that remain undone but we are happy about all these changes in life and the work we can do in this way.

I had a longer talk with Ramona about this topic the other day. Obviously there are many people who work less than we do and they are happy, too. There are however a lot of people who work less than us or just as much and are just miserable! People in their offices working from morning to afternoon, coming home and feeling exhausted from their work.

It is a very sad situation actually, because you do spend a big part of your time at work. I know, for many it is only a means of earning a living but you should do every effort to find a work that can earn your living and at the same time is something you enjoy!

I tell you that I have several friends and know an increasing number of travelers to India, too, who reduce the time they work because they realize life is not all about work and earning money! They voluntarily decide that it is alright to have a little less money – but enjoy the daily life more instead!

For a lot of people, this is not only something they can dream. You may shout ‘Impossible for me!’ but is it really so? Realistically, how much money do you spend on new gadgets and technology? Could you not do with less than the latest version of your phone, computer or tablet? What about clothes and shoes? What about eating out every day at lunch? Surely you could cut down on some of that, then cut down on the work which you don’t like and spend the time just relaxing, reading or out in nature? And, at some point, find a work you enjoy!

There are of course those who now tell that they are very careful with their spending and cannot find a better job – I believe you! Yes, I know, there are also those who do not spend a penny more than necessary but still have to work longtime. Try to make it enjoyable, make the best of it and keep your eyes open for another chance.

If you don’t enjoy, find a way to enjoy it – or make a change and find work you like!

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