Why I love my Work from Home and in Family – 22 Jan 15


Already while writing yesterday about work and why you should love your work, I had to once more consciously appreciate my own situation. As I believe one should spread also positive news and happy feelings, I would just like to share my thoughts and emotions with you!

First of all, I love that I don’t have to go anywhere for working. I don’t mean my workshops and lectures abroad – that is now not anymore my main work. I mainly work from home, at the computer and in touch with the guests of the Ashram.

Some people say they don’t ever want to work from home. They like having a clear separation in between their work life and their private life. I believe that is why many people have a separate identity for their work and a separate one for their private life. Such people don’t make friends at work whom they meet in their private time either!

For me, my whole home is work, my work is my home. Does that sound horrible to you? If yes, it is because you don’t love your work the way I do!

I don’t have fixed working times. Of course this means that we often work more than people do in a normal job at the office for example but on the other hand I can take time to play with Apra or just sit around the fire in the evening. Again though, if you want, this is also work – as I sit there with the guests of the Ashram, customers, if you want to say it like this.

I – and with me my whole family – am not working for another person’s money but for the welfare of others. For the health of our Ashram visitors and retreat participants, for the support of our school children, against child labour and poverty.

Doing charity obviously always has this effect: it makes you feel good. And so does the work for other people’s health and happiness: when people leave from here and are happy, thank us and want to come back again, it just makes us feel very good! And as it happens often, we normally really feel good not only while we do the work but also seeing the result.

On top of it, I am working with my family, my wife and my brothers. We know each other so well, it sometimes is as if you have four bodies to work with. And at the same time, you have four minds to think about something when you are not clear about it yourself.

Having guests who turn into friends from the entire world, living and working in my home town and being able to invite and host all of my friends for the celebrations of our lives are just a few more points that add to my conclusion:

I love my work!

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