Mentioning Money in Job Interviews as your Reason to apply – 22 Dec 15


I yesterday told you about the job applications that we are getting for the teaching vacancy at our school and that we had to refuse several people due to their overly religious attitude. There were many others, too, who had come for the job – and seeing them, it is once more nice to recognize the variety of different types of people within the human kind!

You may remember the applicant I told you about yesterday who did not primarily care about money. There were others however who thought very differently about this matter – and didn't hesitate to say so!

A man with a modest amount of English vocabulary for example was asked why he wanted to apply for a job at our school. He answered: ‘Because I am in financial trouble: I will marry in April!’ Oh yes, the arranged marriage concept of India brings responsibility and also pressure – but Ramona couldn't help but think how very romantic this sentiment was! 🙂

Another applicant was asked why she had replied to the advertisement and was very frank about it as well: ‘For the hike!’ Momentarily, Ramona was confused until she understood that the lady in front of her meant a higher salary! She kept on talking: ‘I mean, honestly, I think that everybody applies for that, we are all looking for the hike! And for that, we have to leave one place and look for another.’

Well, Ramona thought, at least she was being honest. That would be a good characteristic! Her next question however brought an answer which made Ramona smile: ‘Why did you choose teaching for your career?’ – ‘Because it is my passion!’ That’s a relief, we thought you were all about money!

Now a serious advice to anybody who is going for a job interview, be that at our school or another or in general any job interview: the question why you would like to change or why you would like to join the place you are applying for will almost definitely come and you can easily have a good answer ready for that! It would be good to get some information about the place you will go to before and then honestly answer what you like about that place.

If you heard about our school that it is a charity school, free for poor children, you could answer that you liked that and would rather earn your money supporting a worthy cause! That’s just an example – you will surely find something you like about the place you apply at except for the money!

We noticed another pattern in the replies particularly of female applicants – but more about that tomorrow!

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