Feel what you say with your Heart! Do not just say it! – 7 Aug 09

United States of America

I said that people here like to express their feelings of enthusiasm right away and I also said that this feeling doesn’t always last long. Are they really sensitive towards their feelings? Do you really find it that amazing and incredible? If so, how come you forget it once it is out of your sight?

I have to think again of all these gurus and masters who come here and especially to America. I was talking about them in the last days, too. They like to hear it when someone speaks like this. But for me that seems to be more flying, I am more grounded. I like feelings when they come from deep within the heart.

Of course it is beautiful to hear when someone is happy but I don’t have the wish only to hear this. My wish is to feel it, too. It should be honest and true. And this is how some people are very happy on one day and don’t come ever again but there are also others, who have this feeling deep inside and connect with and from their heart.

I upload the diary early today because we need to go to the airport now to fly to Tucson, Arizona.

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  1. It works like this for me: compliments and encouragement all the time. I say I love you, I miss you, you did great, this looks amazing, you were awesome. These are a normal level of commenting. When I want to say something deeper with more emphasis there are also ways to communicate that. I know people say it would be better to reserve traditionally strong words for when they are really needed, but I communicate heavier things with my non-verbal expression and also the way I deliver the compliment. I think it works. It’s not that I can never say anything better than “you were awesome” it’s just that the way I communicate what you would use the word “awesome” to describe is in the way the sentences are constructed. For instance I would add specifics to the comment, like “you were awesome because of…” stuff like that.

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