Alone-ness and Loneliness – 3 Oct 08


I told you yesterday that every experience comes from the idea that you are the body. And I also told you that Patanjali said that we are sat, chit and anand, truth, consciousness and bliss.

I am asked very often about my spiritual experience in the cave. I am never really able to give an answer because spirituality is not an experience. When you feel hungry or thirsty, that is an experience. But how would you describe spirituality? So many people are writing books about their spiritual experiences but I feel that meditation or spirituality is something that you need to live, need to know. What can you get from reading someone’s experience? For you, spirituality can be very different. And that is truth.

Sometimes I am also asked if I didn’t feel lonely in these three and a half years in the cave. But I was not feeling lonely. I did not go into the cave as a punishment or penance and I knew I would be alone in the cave. But I was not in loneliness but in aloneness. It is a big difference. When you are lonely you are missing something. But when you are alone, you can be complete. You don’t need anything else.

I hear often in the western world that people need ‘their space’, I talked about that already. But why can’t you find your space inside yourself? You have it inside. It is a very big problem in the west. People say they need their space but actually they want to be close to someone. Additionally they are afraid of getting close to someone. I do not say that people should not have some privacy, please don’t get me wrong. No, I just want to tell you that you can be alone without feeling lonely and that you can be in peace and in the space inside yourself even when there are others around. Find your truth, see who you are, that you are not the body and not the mind. This is truth and that you have to know and live yourself.

5 Replies to “Alone-ness and Loneliness – 3 Oct 08”

  1. I am impressed that you didn’t feel lonely in the cave, I feel lonely when I’m surrounded by people. Maybe feeling whole is the most significant meditation of all.

  2. It is difficult to comment on your entries because what you have said does not need a response. It points me inward. I can say this. I understand what you are saying. I can say that. It is true. I can also say this. And I feel no desire to. I just feel like smiling.

  3. The worst thing is when you are physically not alone, this means that another person is there, but to feel lonely, because this person is not on your “level”. The “lonely togetherness” is a greater burden than being completely lonely. If you realize that YOU are always with yourself, then you won’t feel alone anymore, doesn’t matter if a person is sitting next to you or not.