Vrindavan – Changes of City and Nature – 24 Feb 08


This is my holiday time. I do not have any schedule. I do not have to be anywhere at a certain time. Time is not important for me here. I do not even know what day of the week is today. I just enjoy being here in my Ashram and I do not go out much. Vrindavan is my home town, yes, but when I grew up here it was very different. We were playing in the forest and swimming in the Yamuna, the river that is flowing around Vrindavan. The water was clear and it was flowing rapidly. If I see it today it makes me sad how dirty it is. Because of the pollution it is also not flowing nicely anymore. There is a way around the city which is the way of the pilgrims, the Parikrama. It is the holy way in the city and I did this 9 km walk for many years daily. In that time it was sandy and you could do it with bare feet without any problem. It was like walking on the beach. If you walk on it today you will find it is partly tarred, some parts are very stony, nearly everywhere is dirt and only a little bit of the old sandy way is left. Of course you will have a nice walk around the city; you see a lot, temples and the river. Many of my guests enjoy doing this pilgrim way it but I have seen how it was and today it is only a pale reflection of the former beauty of the town. So I stay here and I am happy when my guests come home from a long walk and experience the Ashram as an island of peace in the hectic life of Vrindavan.

4 Replies to “Vrindavan – Changes of City and Nature – 24 Feb 08”

  1. My mother grew up in a very small town on a lake and has shared similar sentiments with me, about the purity of the water and all the roads made of dirt. Also how safe and small it was because everybody knew everyone else. I wonder where the other small towns are now that will one day be overrun by people who want to experience their magic?

  2. I love not knowing what day it is. when someone asks me the day and I do not know, it makes me smile inside and I feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

  3. Unfortunately we can see such changes all over the world. And it is our fault and our fumes, trash and pollution, that we gave to the nature. Isn’t that very ungrateful? Just imagine what nature gave to us!