Diseases Spreading through Eating Meat – 21 May 09


I read these days in many places about a disease called Swine flu which spreads in the world and people are in fear. I do not exactly know what it is and how it started or spreads but before, too, we have heard about bird flu in many countries where they even killed birds to prevent it from spreading.

In that time people were careful about what they eat and which meat they buy. I read that some of these viruses spread from animal to human also by eating animal meat. I always strongly recommend to all humans to eat vegetarian food. I believe that the human body is not made for meat but for a long time human has been following the tradition of eating meat.

Why can we not become more modern and develop our mind more to understand this truth: we are not made for non-vegetarian food? There are wrong ideas about vegetarianism and health for example when a doctor says that you have to eat meat for strength. According to that it seems like all vegetarians are weak and ill but it is not like this.

I wish human can develop their consciousness and stops killing animals to fill the stomach. They have a soul like us and God is there.

One Reply to “Diseases Spreading through Eating Meat – 21 May 09”

  1. I agree, it is much easier to spread disease through meat and that mistreatment of animals is inhumane and bad for us as well as the animals. People are much less likely to get food-bourne illnesses on a vegetarian diet