Mass Stock and Diseases from Non-Vegetarian Food – 2 Oct 09


Yesterday it was the world day of vegetarianism. The day before already Iris told me that she had seen a documentary which said that the fact that animals are being kept in mass stocks for producing meat strongly supports viruses like the ones that caused bird flu and swine flu. It is obvious that a virus will develop and spread much more easily when there are hundreds and thousands of cows or pigs in one cot.

They usually have far too little space and the only reason for their living is actually to be eaten. Their living conditions however are so bad that if you once have been in such a place you would never like to eat meat coming from one of these cows or pigs. People have different reasons for becoming vegetarian and even if you don’t feel pity with these animals, then you will still understand that it is not a healthy way that they live in and that the spreading of viruses is normal there. So no matter what reason you give, but becoming vegetarian is definitely a good choice. I am happy that you can read and see in the media now, too, that vegetarianism is the healthier way to live.

Today I will upload the diary very early because we will leave to the airport now. We are very much looking forward to fly back to India now after six months. It was a very long time and my family is very much looking forward to have us back. We had a wonderful time here again and will have a great time in India with many friends visiting and many celebrations to come.

5 Replies to “Mass Stock and Diseases from Non-Vegetarian Food – 2 Oct 09”

  1. Last night I dreamt about the suffering of the animals. I sent the need to ask for forgiveness and to express my gratitude and my love to the animals. They need our love.

  2. Think you need it :-D…..maybe time for contemplation…think you did a good job here…thanks for the workshop at Samsara Copenhagen…namaste, love and peace from here…

  3. Swami you shine with bliss and love supreme, i want very much to come to your ashram in India, I love it there where Sri Krishna and Radha had blissful past times. I would love to retire at your ashram to serve you and the people and children of India as a teacher, lightworker, healer. Love and Light to you Swami.

  4. There is no place in this world quite like India…the colors;the people;happy;sad;overwhelming;joyous;peaceful an overload for the senses…I am grateful tohave been there many times/at different times…I would not be the person I am today had I not