You are either fully Vegetarian or not at all! – 6 Feb 09


A person asked Ramona ‘Are you fully vegetarian?’. She said yes, of course, and I added that you cannot be 50% vegetarian. Either you are vegetarian or you are not. Another person at the dinner table agreed and said ‘I am also not 50% pregnant’.

How often do I hear ‘I am not 100% vegetarian’? Yesterday I said that vegetarianism is not about health but about sensitivity. I know I am repeating myself but I want to repeat it. Animals also have feelings. You see it, you give them love, they give you love, they just have another body but the soul is same. If you kill and eat them you could also eat human. What does it mean if somebody says ‘I am not 100% vegetarian’, ‘I eat meat only when I go out’, ‘I don’t eat too much meat’ or ‘I only eat fish’? In these statements between the words you can feel the sound of guilt.

I can guarantee that all sensitive people who eat meat have this guilt in some corner of their heart. They have this, they feel it is wrong but they cannot make their decision. They are not ready to make this change. They just follow their old patterns and system. Yes, you are only eating, not killing but then someone killed for you.

I have many friends around the globe who eat meat. And I love them and hope they will not be angry about this statement of me. I pray to God that someday they can develop their consciousness more and feel their compassion and love for every soul. Mother Earth gives us food with all necessary vitamins, proteins and simply everything for living a healthy life without killing.

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  1. When I came to India I was very surprised when people began to explain a diet to me that sounded like veganism in the US. Then I discovered that Ghee, cheese, and even yogurt were eaten but that garlic and onion were not. Check out these interesting differences:Vegans in the US: No meat (that means no animal like fish or chicken or cow or whatever), no eggs, no honey, no milk, no yogurt, no cheese, no butter, nothing that can be made from milk (like ice cream for example), and plenty of garlic and onion.
    Vegetarians in India (as I understand but I am still confused!): No meat (same as the American Vegan), no eggs, no onions, no garlic, no spicy foods, no alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
    Vegetarians in US: No meat (sometimes fish), but eggs and any dairy product are fine.
    These terms may get confusing no doubt!

  2. Because their are so many gradients (and reasons for them) in the US Vegetarian diet some people use the term full vegetarian to clarify. Almost all vegetarians will not touch cow or chicken either because of health reasons, because of factory farming conditions, both, world hunger issues and/or because they find it unbearably sad to take a life to sustain their own (it is indeed cruel). Some “vegetarians” actually do eat meat but only meat that was raised in the wild and died of natural causes, perhaps from an accident with a motor vehicle. Some vegetarians eat fish. A more specific word for these vegetarians is “pescatarian”. Fish are thought by some to be far less aware of death than other animals. Scientific studies have revealed that plants feel a degree of pain when they are dieing. The idea for fish eating vegetarians is that fish, like plants, suffer less in death. Most vegetarians do not eat any meat, but would not consider eggs to be meat.

  3. It is so sad for me to read this and look around me to see the lack of compassion we all have for other creatures. Is there nothing we can do to make people more aware?

  4. Being vegetarian is not a temporary stage of life and it is also not what’s happening in Hollywood: a fashion trend to create attention and be someone special. You will only be special if you understand the concept behind vegetarianism and when you live this concept. It is more about moral and love for all the beings in this world, and not only about a healthy way of eating.

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