Humans are not made for Eating Meat – 19 May 08


I still want to say a few things about vegetarianism. Being vegetarian is not only good for you and your body but also for our environment and our planet. My friend Iris told me and I read it on MSN afterwards, too, that there is enough grain on this planet to feed every person on earth. However tons of grains are used for feeding animals whose only purpose it is to be eaten in the end. You need to feed up to 16 Kilo of grain to a cow to have only 1 Kilo of meat. The prices for crops are increasing and we feed it to animals that are born and raised to be slaughtered? It is just crazy! There are people dying of hunger who would be more than happy to have these 16 Kilo grain instead of one Kilo of meat. And the cows stand on grassland which formerly was part of the biggest rain forest on earth.

You see that you can help changing the world by becoming vegetarian! The article also said that an organization called PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) wrote a letter to the US-President Mr. Bush requesting him to become vegetarian and thus to be an example for American citizens. We will see if he follows their advice.

We are not made for eating meat. There are two kinds of animals: carnivore, like lions and tigers which eat meat and herbivore, like cows and horses which eat plants. Our whole body structure, our metabolism and our jaws are more similar to that of cows than of tigers. Our teeth are perfect for grinding grains and vegetables and not for tearing apart animal flesh.

By nature human is not supposed to eat meat. It is very good to see and hear that more and more people get aware of this and change their habits. Vegetarian restaurants start getting more popular. I want to invite everyone not to be shy to make this decision of living a vegetarian life. Plant this seed also in your children and more and more awareness will come to this world.

I am happy to hear from many people now that becoming vegetarian helped them, helped their body and their health. You can read a bit more about vegetarianism on our website and if you would like to share your experiences with being vegetarian you are welcome to send a mail to me at [email protected].

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  1. Humans are Omnivores and like other omnivores in the animal kingdom they have digestive tracts and teeth equipped to handle a large variety of foods including meat. Since the birth of the discipline, anthropologists have been claiming that humans are adapted to consume a specific diet (a common example is the “cave man” diet which is said to consist of 80% vegetation, 10% miscellaneous, and 10% meat). Just what that diet is has always been debated. A new theory has come to light in the past decade; one in which many anthropologists can finally agree and one that is backed by millions of records of empirical data. That theory is that humans have adapted to adaptation. That means that many of the human traits selected for in evolution have assured homosapien’s ability to survive variable climates and ecosystems. Humans CAN be carnivores. Humans CAN be vegetarian. Often the intellectual argument in favor of meat eating protests that it is “natural” for humans to eat meat. The academic arguments that would support this theory have long been outdated. The China Study, authored by accredited T. Colin Campbell, explores the health affects of eating meat or dairy products. Over 20 years worth of qualitative and quantitative data reveal a strong correlation between cancer growth and meat or dairy consumption. In addition, research demonstrated that eating meat would reduce life span in many cases. This is due to its rapid replacement of the 8 amino acids that the body must replenish through food. The most efficient way to replace these amino acids would be through cannibalism. Vegetables replace these essential proteins piece by piece. For unknown reasons, this slower process puts considerably less stress on the human body.

  2. I guess I think that if we have a choice and we can survive without it, why eat meat? It 19s terrible for the environment, it adds to world hunger, its cruel to animals and it isn 19t healthy.

  3. Since I went Vegan I 19ve definitely become a more creative chef, and a better one. I have to be especially resourceful with baking. That is really fun for me. A lot of my friends eat meat though and I understand.

  4. I’ve been hunting my entire life, and I come from a family of woodsy people who get a lot of their nutrition from what grows in the land but also from what walks on the land. I don’t think I know any healthier people than my family, so I’m not sure I can agree.

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