Why do you eat Pig and Cow but not your Dog? – 18 May 08

Yesterday I talked about balanced vegetarian diet which is very healthy for the body. And I know that many people eat meat because they think it is healthy. But a vegetarian diet can really provide everything your body needs. And the energy that meat gives to your body is not at all healthy.

Quite a long time ago, when I was in Cologne, a man visited me there. He was cameraman and he showed me a fifteen minute movie that he had filmed. He had been to different slaughter houses and butchers and had filmed the minutes before the animals there died. I said him that I would recommend to show this on TV. When people buy packed meat in the supermarket they cannot imagine what exactly they are buying and where it is coming from.

In this movie there was no dialogue, only the pictures. He showed the eyes of pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses and chicken before they were killed and you could see that the animal knew that they would be slaughtered. You can see the fear in the eyes and I think anyone who watches this short movie will hate to eat meat. When an animal is so full of fear there are hormones and toxins in its body which, later on, are also in the meat that you can buy and eat. You take these toxins into your body.

And of course all the energy of this poor animal. All of its fear and the energy of its whole life maybe on a few square meters together with far too many other animals. How can human be so cruel? Many people tell me they love animals and of course who has a pet loves it, if it is a dog or a cat or anything else. Nobody would ever kill and eat a dog or a cat! But cows and pigs are also animals! You love your cat and it can sleep in your bed, you say that dogs are the true friends and you eat chicken only because you don’t have them in your house? You are disgusted when you see sausages made of horse meat and you are shocked by the fact that in China dog is considered as a delicious meal? Where is the difference? A pig could be your pet, too. It has the same soul! It has the same right to live as the dog!

There is the saying, here, too: You are what you eat. And this is one reason for the aggression in this society. The animal instincts are taken into the body. The whole energy of the animal is taken into the body and the people become more and more similar to animals. Children are more sensitive with this energy. I met a woman who told me that when she wanted to give meat to her five year old daughter she fully refused to eat it. It is a question of sensitivity.

It is Sunday evening, all shops are closed but Rosa was so lovely to drive around with us to get some ice cream and some pistachios. This was the first time that we had in ice-cream in Wuppertal and for this wonderful taste I went out of the house for the first time since we are here.

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  1. My sister in law grew up on a pig farm and had a pig that slept in her bed with her that she loved and one day her parents said that she needed to learn that all pigs will die so they killed it and tried to serve it to her for dinner when she was about eleven years old. She is a vegetarian now too.

  2. I think people used to eat meat because they were really hungry. Now it has transformed into a mechanism, produced like objects in a factory and no one considers these animals living things. Just the same way religion started as wisdom and love and became about control and power, everything starts for innocent reasons and then get perverted with time. We need to be in a state of constant evaluation about our practices.

  3. If I ever had to kill an animal myself I do not think I would be a carnivore. But I will probably never have to, I have never even seen a cow or pig in real life. But I live with my cat and dog. I’ve had them since they were babies and I love them. So that would be cannibalism.

  4. Of course, you won’t treat a cow like you treat your pet. When you think about the fact, that some people kiss and hug their pet and let it sleep in their bed, you recognize that this wouldn’t be that easy with a cow 😉 but do we have to separate animals like this? isn’t a cow or a pig also a being that wants to live and die in a natural way?

  5. not convinced. There is no proof to establish that vegetarians are less cruel and have more affection. I have read somewhere that unspeakable brutality displayed in Gujrat in 2002 by the people who are vegetarian.

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