Searching for Truth – 16 Dec 09


Yesterday I said you need to have a stable opinion. I was yesterday mainly talking about having your own opinion which doesn’t change with everyone you meet. But it is also a very common thing in the ‘spiritual scene’ that people change very quickly and are not at all stable in their opinion. This, too, is the effect of it that they are not sure, there are always so many doubts.

And of course they are searching. They are searching for the truth. They go to someone or something, an organization or a master or guru, someone who knows the truth and who leads them towards it.

I like it when you are looking for the truth but I would like to say: the truth is nowhere outside. This is why you always got disappointed and couldn’t find it anywhere. Your truth is inside you. Search in your love and in your honesty, there you will find truth.

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  1. Swami Ji,Being a wise man you must have experience with people turning you into a wise man in their minds. They believe that you have the answers and that you will show them “the way”, and as you sit and council them you use your words to point them inwards, carefully and creatively. And so they are surprised by what they hear and occasionally resistant. Words do not reveal the truth but they only point to it. If a person lacks an inward understanding of your words they may go unaffected by them. They may find things to disagree with when you are not speaking to be agreed with or disagreed with. When disagreeing can only suggest misunderstanding. Sometimes people feel very sure of what they believe but not in a helpful way. They trust themselves or claim to trust themselves because they have sensed something profound and built many beliefs around this sense; so many that they are no longer sensing, and what was momentarily profound has turned into madness. Thank you for your words. I always learn from them.

  2. I wouldn’t ever find myself, now at least, searching for truth. Just being. Just loving. I spent over 20 years looking for truth and my conclusion was that it is a befuddled and misleading word. Don’t search for truth. Just be honest in love. All other issues will take care of themselves. There are very few things in this world that matter.

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