Compromising with your Honesty? – 27 Apr 09


On my diary entry of the 23rd April, I have received another comment. This person said about compromising that everybody has to do a compromise in this world, otherwise you cannot meet but you will go apart from each other. I respect and fully understand what she means with this but this is not what I meant when I said that I do not want to compromise.

When you do this in love, for me it is not a compromise but it is respect for this love. When you are in love you enjoy everything. Of course, you have to do some things but if it is in respect and love, it is not a compromise for me. Of course we live in this world and society and we need to go together with people. We have to respect other people’s feelings.

When I say that I don’t want to do compromise, I mean something else. When you compromise with your heart, your principles and the values that you want to live with or when you sell yourself and your values, then you compromised with your honesty. If you do that, if you compromise, you will have a bad conscience for your whole life.

That is what I say about being honest. The compromise will always make you feel guilty. And in this way, if you do not compromise and are honest, you will maybe have less material things but you can live with pride and when you will die you will not have any regrets.

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  1. Swami Ji, your words are important and valuable to me. Many of my friends and I have been lately discussing the process of aging and our fear of the compromise that you speak of. We fear it as if it were inevitable and by looking closely we realize that the fear in us is coming from a moment of compromise. We had imagined that this fear would be experienced in a search for freedom, when we were in fact experiencing it at that very moment when we were not free. We remembered the goodness of freedom and reminded ourselves that if we were uniting fear and freedom in our minds we had indeed forgotten. Freedom doesn 19t necessarily suggest the absence of fear but the peaceful willingness to experience it. It is funny, that only when we feel bound by fear and misery do we imagine that freedom is somehow the scarier choice, the more difficult one. And it is that moment of imagining in that place we hide from freedom that we suffer from fear. The absence of freedom, its opposite in a sense, is hell; a fear so strong that it can make a person consider whether it is more terrifying to live or die. I see around me and in myself an unnoticeable attempt to avoid this reality and I see that it can not be avoided. The greatest ignorance can never save a person from themselves. While just a few years of life may demonstrate this to us over and over we are to afraid and so desire confusion that we cannot see. And I think even now there is some fear in my words or perhaps too much seriousness. I read your entry again and it calms me down because of the simple place it came from.

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