Lack of Trust in own Feelings makes Trusting difficult – 24 Jan 08


We had a good conversation on a quite serious topic today: trust. It is not easy to trust here. In this way I had many bad experiences. You cannot be sure that someone who is your friend today is still your friend tomorrow. People are so quick in changing their mind! And for no obvious reason, without anything special happening.

Why are there so quick changes? It is because someone grown up in this western society has learned to work with the mind and not to trust the own feelings. The mind is like a chameleon, changing the colours fast. It is not stable, depending on expectations, be it own expectations or those from others. This is why people are disturbed quickly and have many doubts if a decision was right. Of course, lack of self-confidence plays a major role, too. There are so many factors to this; I will go deeper into this subject in the next days. For the beginning I want to say you: Please trust your feelings and listen to your heart more often. It will help you to take decisions and to be stable in your decisions.


  1. Jessica

    I didn’t realize this was a more western thing (doubting the self) but I think you may be right. Much to consider here.

  2. Harry

    Feeling are seen as a weakness built into every person that they have to overcome. people have to “get their act together.” it only makes us more dysfunctional!

  3. Clover

    It’s true, you cannot trust that anything in the world will be the same, especially not people and relationships because we are all running around like mad trying to pull ourselves together and then we die! Maybe I wont have any friends tomorrow. Maybe I will have 50 new ones. Maybe I’ll get married next week. You just don’t know, so you can’t trust.

  4. Emily

    This is a good point. The mind changes too often to be able to trust what it says. We have to learn to honor and trust what is in our heart… it’s much more stable. The mind can be quite confusing, but we can learn how to control it. But sometimes you have to dig deeper in order to find out what your heart says.

  5. Ramananda acharya

    Life is not a bed of roses but a battlefield. No one can escape suffering.Sri krishna used to say that, caught in the net of the five elements, Brahman weeps Incarnations of God are also seen to undergo much suffering.Hence it is useless to try escaping from the inevitable. Heat and cold,loss and profit, pleasure and pain-dualities of life always come together.fully accepts this fact and remains calm,and turns his mind towards God

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