Losing Luggage on the Journey to India – 20 Feb 08


After an exhausting flight we arrived in the morning in Delhi. Before we left the plane the crew already announced that some luggage was accidentally left in London. In fact it was about half of the passengers who were missing their bags and suitcases in the end. Our suitcases did not arrive either. Well, this happens sometimes. I do not see much sense in getting angry in this kind of situation. You can't change it so why do you spend your energy in being angry? The only thing that you can do is to calmly find out what you have to do to get your luggage back. So all forms were filled and signed and we will surely have it all in Vrindavan soon.

I could not take long time to wait for luggage. I had to leave because I had to catch the plain to Bombay. I went there to meet the family which has been so close to me and which had lost a family member recently. I told already that the man had been like an uncle for me. I spent some a few hours there before I got on a plane back to Delhi. These were two long days with only little sleep. But now I am just very happy to be here.

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  1. Losing luggage is always annoying. And this doesn’t have to mean, that you are material and only focused on your property. But in a suitcase there are usually things that you truly need in everday life. And sometimes you just don’t have the time or you don’t feel like going to the supermarket just to buy a second toothbrush 😉