Feeling Home – A Special Feeling – 21 May 08


Today morning we got up and without hectic packed our things, had breakfast and after saying goodbye to Rosa and Sandro we started our small journey to Schwabmünchen. It was very smooth again.

Ramona was worried if we would be able with all our luggage to change trains in Cologne. There was not much time, only eight minutes, and the train from Wuppertal to Cologne was already five minutes late. However everything went well, the second train was delayed, too, and we did not have to carry our luggage very far, the platform was just on the opposite side. Andrea picked us up in Augsburg and we are happy to be in Schwabmünchen now.

We had a nice dinner and will eat some ice cream when I am done with my diary. Ramona’s home is like family. Her mother and sisters were very happy to see us again. The last time we had said goodbye in India. This feeling of family is very nice. When you have the feeling this is ‘my’ home, ‘my’ family. This ‘mine’ has lots of power. Even when you are in a five star hotel you might not feel as good as in your own small house. A palace might not be able to give you the comfort of your studio apartment. This ‘mine’-feeling gives you a lot of freedom. There you can be fully yourself.

In my life I am travelling a lot far away from home. It is my nature to create a home everywhere and this is the base of my idea of a whole-world-family. I want to give this feeling of family to people in the West, too, because in their society the family structures are breaking up. The family feeling gives you freedom and takes away a lot of stress. When I am with someone who feels in the same way I do not need to be a good guest and the other one doesn’t have to be a good host because we are like family. I talked about this already another day. You feel much more relaxed when you have this family-feeling. I am happy when I meet people on my journeys who, like me, want to give and spread this feeling and welcome me as if I were a member of their family

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  1. I don’t really know what it’s like to have the feeling of home. I do not feel like I belong anywhere or like there is anywhere I can go to feel that comfort and safety. Sometimes it makes me happy for other people when I see that they have it, and sometimes it just hurts.