Confusing the Flight Dates – 28 Mar 10


Yesterday we realized a big mistake in our thinking! We knew that our flight ticket to Germany is for the 31st March and that the flight would land in Germany at 7:10am. Now we somehow assumed that the arrival would be on the 1st April and this is what we told to Thomas and Iris, so that they could come and pick us up on the morning of the 1st. Yesterday we then wanted to know when exactly we would need to start from here, so we calculated: if we arrive at that time in the morning, it will be 10:40am in India. We have a flight of about 8 hours. But then we would start on the 1st April at maybe 2:40 in the morning! We knew that couldn’t be right, so we went to look it up and saw: we have a flight at 2:25 AM on the 31st March, so we will arrive in Germany on the 31st, too, and we have to leave the Ashram on the 30th in the evening!

We just felt like we lost a day in India! Suddenly we realized that we needed to leave day after tomorrow and so Ramona and Yashendu started packing today. We are getting everything together again, bought the rest of the things that we want to take and asked Ammaji to prepare spices for us to take. And then we needed to call Thomas and Iris, who are at the moment on holiday, to tell them that we will be in Wiesbaden earlier than we thought. They laughed a lot and joked that it had only been an April Fool’s joke and that we could not come on April 1st. This means that we will reach their home even before they are back from holiday. It is really funny and we had to laugh today still when we thought of what could have happened if we just had been at the airport one day later.

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  1. As you know, I just made the EXACT same mistake!! I thought I was leaving Friday night, but it’s actually 12:20am on Friday, which is Thursday night!! I also felt like I lost a day in India! All of a sudden I’m preparing to leave the very next day when I thought I had 2 more nights in Vrindavan. I also had to call my ride I had arranged and reschedule for the day before! Hahahahaha. Now I know I’m not the only one who got confused with the time change of travel. But at least you had April Fool’s Day as an excuse! …Hahahaha

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