No Place like Home – 3 Aug 10


After uploading the diary yesterday we started at about nine o’clock from Wiesbaden. It was the first time that we stayed there without Thomas and Iris and we were missing them. They are on holidays and we talked on phone before we left. We took a taxi to the train station and then a train to the airport.

We have travelled this way many times before and that is how it was easy and relaxed for us to go there, then find the right gate and get into the plane. In Delhi there was a surprise: in the last four months the airport which we had known as small and rather old with only one exit has turned into a modern big building in which you can probable get as much lost as you can in other big airports. As always we see changes when we come back to India.

Also in Vrindavan there has been a lot of construction work going on. There are many new buildings and they are still working on the sewage line. This means that the streets of the town are still only earth and now with the rain they are very muddy. That is how it took us a long time to reach the Ashram but finally we were there and as expected it is just great to be here.

Everybody was so happy to see us. My father was very happy about the small handheld hedge-cutter that we brought for him, my mother is looking forward to cook for us, the children were excited about the sweets that we brought and my grandmother said ‘I told the doctor that I cannot die before the 3rd August. Now you are finally here.’ This is her habit, whenever we go, she says that she might die before we are back and when we come she says that she might die while we are there but she is actually fine and still very active.

As you can imagine, we are just happy to be here and looking forward to some time at home.

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