Arriving at the Ashram in India – 18 Feb 09


It was wonderful to come back here and to see how everyone is so happy to have us here. This time we had a flight with Finnair via Helsinki and so we had more than 24 hours of journey. Mostly I do not like food in plane but this time it was surprisingly very good. We got Jain meal which is vegetarian without onion and garlic. It was very good. We met Andrea, Ramona’s mother in Helsinki and flew together from there to Delhi. Roger and Mady came a few hours earlier with Swiss Air and so we met them when we arrived at the Ashram. My mother and grandmother prepared a wonderful dinner with our favourite dishes and also a special dish which we never had before here: Broccoli from the garden. After this long journey and the great meal we are of course very tired and now we are looking forward to have a good night’s sleep.

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