Jet Lag and Your Inner Clock – 24 Jul 09

New York
United States of America

Today we were up very early because of the time difference. And this is also very nice. I am anyway a person who does not sleep very much. I do not use any alarm clocks, I sleep how much my body needs it and then I wake up and also get up. I do not lie around in bed then anymore because that just makes you tired.

Many people do not really listen to their body in these things. And of course, they will say, they need an alarm clock to be on time for work. But let me tell you that I never used an alarm clock and never missed a train or plane or slept late even when I had to get up in the middle of the night. It is a habit to use an alarm clock, you do have an inner clock which can tell you very well when you need to get up.

And if you feel in mornings that you did not have enough sleep, you need to go to bed earlier. I like to use the nice energy of the morning. Later we had a great breakfast on the roof and then enjoyed some time in the city. Now again we are tired but slowly we will get used to the difference of time.

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