Arriving at the Ashram in India – 3 Oct 09


Today in the early morning we arrived at the Ashram in Vrindavan. Our brother Purnendu picked us up at the airport and Ammaji, Naniji and Babaji and of course all the students were waiting for us in Vrindavan. As always it is wonderful to come home. I love travelling but of course it is always great to sleep in your own bed, to be with your family and just to enjoy at home.

And again many things have changed since the last time that we have been here. The garden is growing beautifully with my father’s care and the school now has nice bathrooms and a water-cooler.

Our friend Peter Kling celebrated his birthday today in Germany and this is how we invited the school children to come for lunch although they had a school holiday today.

Today was also my father's and the little Krishna’s birthday. He is the son of Pushpa who is working at the Ashram and both are important members of the Ashram family. In the evening we had a birthday party for him. It was beautiful to see how much fun everybody had and how happy everyone is because we are back.

After this flight we are very tired so after dinner we will soon go to bed. Tomorrow I will write a bit more about what is going on at the Ashram.

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  1. Sparkling, beautiful October fall morning, friend Swami Ji, and welcome back home, and also Happy Full Moon. I am relieved that you are back home safely and with all your dear ones in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Sleep well.

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