A Small World – Meeting People while Travelling – 21 Apr 09


We had a long day of travelling but now we finally arrived here in Wiesbaden. It was again a long journey. We also spent a few hours in Helsinki at the airport. Travelling is always an adventure. Of course it is tiring and we are pretty exhausted but it is nevertheless always interesting to see who else is travelling the world.

When we went to India we met a man in Helsinki who approached me and said that his sister was in one of my workshops last year in Lithuania. He was coming back from Vrindavan on that day. Today we also met someone who had been on the same flight to India with us when we came in February.

And when we finally arrived in Frankfurt we met someone whom we know well: Thomas was waiting for us to come out and in Wiesbaden Iris was waiting with a lovely dinner. We warmed up some of the paranthas that my mother gave us and now we are just sitting together for a bit before we will go to bed because we really need some sleep.


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  1. I once got a roommate in Israel who’s mom got her hair done by my best friend from college in Pennsylvania. And I’m from North Carolina! I love it when things like that happen.