From New York to Chicago – 2 Aug 09

United States of America

Yesterday I already told you that we would start early to Chicago. And it was very early. At 3:45 am the airport shuttle was there to pick us up and we said goodbye to Jeremy. I don’t know how many times I have already written, that it is sad to say goodbye. We really enjoyed the time in New York with Suann and Jeremy.

In Chicago we were welcomed by Shayna and so it is always like this: you are sad when saying goodbye but there are many hellos, too. And we will be back in New York in September. I got very nice response to the last day’s diary entries and I hope that some people will change their habits and begin living in a healthier way. It is anyway the best to cook your food yourself instead of eating readymade. We went shopping today to get all our ingredients for the wonderful meal that we cooked in the evening. It was very delicious. Now we are tired after this long day and will go to bed soon.

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5 Replies to “From New York to Chicago – 2 Aug 09”

  1. Swami ji, I so agree with your comments about the sad way that many modern Americans eat, especially the children. Even hospitals that should be serving healthy living foods, often serve over processed and over salted dead food to people that so desperately need the vital ingredients of life-giving whole and healthy foods. Hopefully many of us are … See Morerealizing how important a good diet is for health, not only for our own bodies but our societies as well. This is a time for education and change to spread.

  2. In my opinion, the farther away we get from nature when it comes to food (or lifestyle), the more alien it is to our bodies who came from and were designed by nature.It really pleases me to use very basic unprocessed ingredients and make dinner from it every day. Whether dried chickpeas or beans grown in the garden…..
    And lets face it, in this … See Moreeconomic climate = why pay someone else to chemically/mechanically process food when we can safely rustle something up in the kitchen much cheaper ourselves.