Travelling from India to Germany – 25 Nov 08


We arrived in the morning in Frankfurt and Thomas picked us up at the airport. It was amazing to have the change of temperature from 20 to minus 2 degrees Celsius and to be welcomed by snow. It was a sad atmosphere yesterday when we left the Ashram. My mother’s eyes were full of tears when we said goodbye. It is of course always like this and this is the special sweetness of a relation of a mother. This makes us sad but I was also looking forward to come to Germany and to meet friends and start work again. The drive of the airport which is actually only 150 kilometers took us five hours in Indian traffic. In the plane I already started looking forward to have a croissant for breakfast and I remembered the German bakeries. When I told this to Thomas at the airport he immediately called Iris so that she could go and buy croissants even before we arrived at their home. So the first thing was a nice breakfast, then we slept a little bit but we are still now tired.

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  1. Mother’s love! I leave home often and my mom cries every time. I don’t know why it’s so hard for her, but you can tell she really loves me in a way I just don’t understand because I don’t have babies.It is sweet.

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