Arriving in Copenhagen – 26 Jun 09


We started in the morning with saying goodbye, which is always hard, especially when you leave a lovely family like this. But we will see them soon again when they come to visit us in Vrindavan in October. It was a nice journey of five hours from Hamburg to Copenhagen. The train goes onto a ferry for crossing the sea and I like it to go up then and see the water and feel the wind.

We were then very nicely welcomed by friends in Copenhagen. I came to Copenhagen for the first time many years ago, but now I came again after two years. I like this town. Even though it is in Germany’s neighbour country, you can feel the difference in the energy and atmosphere of the cities. The culture might be very similar but I feel that many things in the feeling are different. It seems like people are more relaxed, calm and easy-going. Maybe it is not that properly organized and clean like Germany, here you can see a ‘take it easy’ attitude in people, also regarding untidiness. But I like this all and it is very nice here. Many friends came to Otto’s home to see us and we had dinner together. After dinner we went out for ice-cream and all in all it was a very nice day.

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