Leaving the Ashram in India – 31 Mar 10


Yesterday after dinner we said good-bye to everybody at the Ashram, our friends Reinfried, Traudi and Su, to Ammaji, Babbaji and Naniji and to Purnendu and of course Suraj. It was very sad and especially after this long time, six months in India, it was more difficult to leave. We all had tears in our eyes and Suraj was crying a lot because he wanted to come with us. I am an emotional person, I can cry easily. After these very difficult good-byes we started our journey. It was all very smooth again and we noticed how friendly people were at the airport. In the security check we were asked what food items we carry and when we told that Ammaji has made Paranthas, Indian bread, and vegetables for us, the man smiled and just told us to enjoy it.

We arrived in Wiesbaden and Thomas’ mother welcomed us in Thomas’ and Iris’ flat with a nice breakfast. The change of time and temperature will still confuse us in the next days, as we came from 40 degrees centigrade to 4 degrees centigrade. In the afternoon we also talked to Purnendu and Suraj in India and again got sad. He was saying again ‘Come here! Food is ready!’ and he asked us why we didn’t take him. Everybody there is missing us very much and we are missing them. But of course it is also nice again to be here and with Thomas and Iris who came in the afternoon. We cooked some rice and dal and together enjoyed the food that we have brought from India.

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  1. My job demands that I travel a great deal. I’m use to saying goodbye to my sons Jason and Thomas. I left them 4 days ago for a conference in Boston. When I read this I cried and called them to tell them I love them and then I felt a lot better. Thank you for helping me Swami Ji.