Goodbye to Tucson – 25 Aug 09

United States of America

Today was our very last day in Tucson and soon we will start our way to Phoenix to take a plane from there to New York. We definitely had a lovely time here and met many wonderful people. I want to thank the Seva Center and the people there who opened their hearts and welcomed us in their home before my words and a misunderstanding triggered anger.

It is okay that this anger was there and I always encourage people to express their emotions, no matter what kind of emotion it is. But in the end, we know it is all about love and we have to overcome emotions of anger and hatred and we have to come back to love and peace. We are all connected through our souls and should not live in this negative energy. I have nothing bad for them in my heart but I am sending love and blessings for them, their family and their center. They opened their hearts and home and I have been guest in their homes and would like to invite them to come to my home some time and be a guest there. I have received many long emails, too, and I am sorry I cannot reply each one personally, so here I am writing to you all: Thank you for your love and taking your time to write to me. I am sending you lots of love deeply from my heart. And of course I also want to thank Gigi, who opened her home for us in the rest of the time.

Apart from our beautiful friends Victor and Jhan whom we already got to know when they came to our Ashram in India, we met many more people here who welcomed us full of love. With the Global Chant group we met a group which is just open and spreading love, not only through their words but also through their actions. We also want to thank Doug and Deborah who are going to be here soon to take us to the airport.

This is how we leave Tucson with our hearts full of love and we want to invite you all to come to India so that we can hug you there just as we hugged you here. We know that some are already making plans to come and to visit the children and us and we hope we will see many of you there!

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