Going back to India after a short Tour of Germany – 18 May 16


So today is the day: we are going to fly back to India! Oh wow, what a quick round through Germany, how many things did we do and how many friends did we meet!

After leaving Lüneburg, we went to Erkelenz for a stop over night. Another place where I have been so many times already over the course of the year! Our dear friends Sonja and Peter were happy to see us and we enjoyed catching up with them a lot! Apra had fun with the cats – and even Eva came from Coesfeld to see us!

Then an evening with Pizza and ice cream in Wiesbaden, another visit to our friend Pavan and finally now we are packed and ready to go. As always, we have lots of luggage and Thomas and Iris will bring us to the airport to help us with the things.

It was short, it was very intense and it was really nice, too. As expected, especially watching Apra and her experiences was amazing and rewarding. She has, even in these short two weeks, learnt so much new! Her German has gained incredibly much vocabulary and Germany has once more made an impression on her!

I am, however, looking forward to coming back to India now. The restaurant is waiting for us. I will write you tomorrow again – from Vrindavan!

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