Visiting Michael and Andrea – great Fun as always! – 15 May 16


We are in Lüneburg right now and, as always, I am overwhelmed with happiness to be here and meet my first German friend, Michael and his wife Andrea. In the past fifteen years, we have experienced a lot together!

I have visited them many times in Lüneburg and they have been at the Ashram several times, too. I have seen their son Ravael grow from the child he was to the tall young man he is now. They have seen my beginnings in Germany, all my change, have been among the first of my friends to meet my wife and were overjoyed with us when we got our little Apra. And now Apra loves reaching their home, too!

It was a beautiful welcome and we went to a great Pizzeria. As restaurant owners, we now obviously go out with another look for food and the atmosphere in a place to eat! Already in Augsburg we have been to a place with a wood fire oven for pizza and yesterday we were at another one. I have to say, food was really great and we loved telling Michael and Andrea everything about the restaurant! Andrea also had something to celebrate – she had just passed her examination for being an alternative practitioner! So we spent a really beautiful evening together.

When we were in Lüneburg half a year ago, we spent a rainy day at the local thermal bath and Apra remembered this very well. On top of that we had, as I had told you, already planned to go swimming in Lüneburg, too. That’s how we went to the swimming pool this morning – and had super much fun with Apra in the water! She enjoyed it so much and she is getting more and more confident in the water!

After our swimming trip, we visited Michael’s mother and for today’s dinner, Andrea’s parents were our guests.

Once more a beautiful time with my first German friends – and tomorrow we will leave towards Erkelenz!

Apra, Travelling

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