Advice for Western Women travelling alone in India – Part 2 – 30 Jan 14


I yesterday gave some advice for women from the west who wish to travel on their own in India. As there is lots to say, here is the second part:

5. Make your Limits clear and thus show that you are not an easy Target

Should you ever get into a difficult situation, with a guy getting too close for example, you need to set your limits quickly and very clearly. Be unafraid to show and tell him that you don’t want a man’s leg to touch yours while sitting next to him in the bus. Say it loudly so that others around you hear it as well. If you are standing in line and the guy behind you touched you inappropriately, don’t hesitate to turn around and loudly tell him to keep his hands where they should be.

Make contact with the surrounding, shout if you feel that you need to, show your anger and thus make it very clear that he better not dare try anything else. You have to put up all your self-confidence in that moment and show your anger. I tell you, not only will that guy get afraid of messing with you, there will be a whole lot of people around you, ready to support you.

6. Make a plan before you come, be informed and consider taking a guide

Related to advice number 2 from yesterday, it is not nice to stand somewhere in India and not know where to go, be that on arrival at the airport or while travelling within the country. Make your plan beforehand and inform yourself how you will get where. Then you don’t have to search in places that you don’t know and you don’t rely on some random guy to show you ‘a hotel of a good friend’ for example.

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, if you have the feeling that no matter how much you read, you still will not feel comfortable while travelling in India on your own, contact a travel agency, go with a group or with an individual guide, as we also offer. If you book a tour or retreat with us – in group or individually – you won’t need to worry about a whole lot of things. It starts with the location of your hotel, which we will of course book in a safe area, over the pickup from the airport, which our trusted driver will do, to the daily feeling of security when you are walking around with one of my brothers by your side on our tours.

Yes, this is self-advertising (hey, this is my blog, if I don’t do it here, where else? 🙂 ) – but I also believe that it is really good advice for many women who just want to feel safe while experiencing this great country and its culture. While the news these days may display the bad – and obviously so – there is a whole lot of great things to see and wonderful people to meet. So if you have the wish to come, you can do it.


I believe this topic deserves more than just a few sentences. It needs elaboration and while yesterday and today I gave you an idea of what western women in India should be doing, I have another list for you next week: what you should NOT do when you are a non-Indian woman travelling on your own in India.

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