Last Day in India before Travelling again – 6 Apr 08


Today we packed. Actually we are not yet done with that. We have to take so many things because we will be traveling again for a long time. So since two days we are carrying together all our things and packing them. My mother will give us some food for the journey.

I had a nap today in the afternoon as we will not have much sleep tonight. And just ten minutes after I had gone to lie down one of my friends came by to see me before we leave. Unfortunately he did not call before else I would have been up but as I had just gone they did not want to wake me up. Well, this is also Indian, you do not need to call before you go to visit someone but then you also do not need to be disappointed if that person is not there or, in my case, asleep.

Now summer started and the flowers on the trees smell wonderfully sweet. In summer you will have many different flowers and smells when you take a walk in the garden. I will miss this smell.

Yashendu performed the Pooja ceremony today which we do on each new moon now. There were not so many people today so we could do it in the fireplace of the cave. It was nice for everybody around. From tomorrow the New Year will start according to the Indian moon calendar. This means that I will write the first diary of the Indian year in Wiesbaden.

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