Saying Goodbye in New York – 25 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

Yesterday when we were walking to the ice-cream place I was talking with Asheem. I said to him: ‘Many times when I am talking with people, it feels like they expect me to say something very wise.’ But when I am with friends like him, I feel I can be natural and I can just say very wise things like: ‘Let’s go and have ice-cream.’ This is one of the symptoms when you realize you have a friend: when you feel that you can just be how you are.

Yesterday on our last complete day we did a lot of shopping for things that we can bring to India. Ramona bought hair ties for the girls and for the bigger boys we got ‘I love NY’-shirts. We had a really great time here with friends who even were happy to give us their bedroom and sleep on the couch. We met many friends and made many experiences.

Today we said goodbye to our dear friend Violetta and soon we will say goodbye to Jeremy and Su, too. I could write again that it is always sad to leave but that there are always many new hellos. And it is true, of course we spent a long time together now but we have a new home here and we will be back. Now we will just have dinner and then start.

Goodbye, Travelling

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