Time passes and Generations grow up – 16 Mar 10


I like to think about time, how everything changes and how some things still are the same, even after many years. I can think about Vrindavan, now and then. How the whole town changed, how many new buildings are there, how many more people live in the town! But still, if you go into the inner city, into the small streets in which I grew up, there are still the same people. Many shops are still there and many people still live where they lived 30 years ago. But of course opinions change with time, characters are developed and you just simply grow up and go with time.

Isn’t it funny if you think about how you were sitting on your mother’s lap many years ago, just like that child is sitting on your lap today? Are your grandparents still alive? I am blessed that my mother’s mother is living here with us. Today I thought how some day in the past my mother was a young girl of three years and sitting on my grandmother’s lap. And this is how the generations pass and each time there is another one sitting on the lap and another one holding the child.

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2 Replies to “Time passes and Generations grow up – 16 Mar 10”

  1. In the US when the fall leaves turn red and come down I also think about time. sometimes I watch them fall to the ground and think of the water inside the smallest pieces of the leaves and where that water came from long ago, and where the dust is from in the dirt that helped the tree grow. How everything passes on and comes back altered and keeps going on coming back.

  2. It’s really interesting to see how the world changes with each generation. By the time we are grandparents, it may seem like the world is hardly comprehensible anymore. I can’t even imagine the technology we will have then! I only hope that I can easily change with the times so that I’m not left behind from life… I want to be a “hip” grandma someday! Haha