Timeless Feelings – Time is only Illusion – 9 Apr 10


Yesterday we talked about our parents and grandparents and how there are many differences in between the cultures on how you treat the elderly. Today we went to have dinner with our friend Gudrun and there we had another talk about age and time. You know that there are some people who are 70 but behave still very young, who remained young through being active, for example with sports or with an active social life. They keep on meeting others, playing tennis, going to concerts and are very fit. And then there are others, who act very old already in their 40’s.

If you see the age of people, it is actually only a number. It can be very different for different people. If you talk about 40 years, you are talking about 480 months, 1920 weeks or 13440 days. Looking at this number of days it seems unbelievable that you even live that long. Time doesn’t really make sense. Who said that a week consists of seven days? With these thoughts you can understand how you can go into a timeless feeling. You can understand that time is only an illusion, you made it. You can think that it is long or it can be short, it is your decision.

From this point of view there is no age, no time and nothing gets old, you will not get old, you can always be young, it depends only on you!

5 Replies to “Timeless Feelings – Time is only Illusion – 9 Apr 10”

  1. Swami Ji,I was just reading one of your entries on silence and now I have read the above entry on time. And your words are healing and they gave me this thought about the paradox of time; Whenever we are living, we are living now. The future and past are concepts that exist in our mind and only there. They are useful comments. Recognizing future and past as illusions does not mean that you cannot plan for the future or learn from the past. This is useful and can be used to become more awake to the present moment. The body ages and yet you are always living now. The aging of the body does not effect your awareness. And you need not overlook the wisdom of a child (or for many westerners an old man or woman) because of their age or any other aspect of the body they inhabit.

  2. Time IS an illusion! I don’t even know what day it is, kinda reminds me of yesterday. But say if it were a wednesday, I doubt it would remind me of other days that happened to be labeled wednesday. just silly!

  3. Time is certainly an illusion on many levels. Though the mind is often stuck in the past or future, the body and spirit remain in the present. In fact, all of life occurs in the present moment, an ever-unfolding cycle of new moments. And in the present, there is no time, just now! By bringing the mind to focus on each new breath, we enter a state of timelessness, where our mind, body, and spirit exist now. In this state, past, future, age, and worry have no relevance.
    On another level, however, I feel that time is quite a paradox. In each moment, time is an illusion. But over periods of time, the body ages, the seasons change, the world changes. It is hard to watch each new moment unfold without comparing it to the ways in which change has occurred over time. But I think this is a paradox that we must adjust to in our human lives on earth. For there is a spiritual realm in which timelessness is the only reality.

    While on earth, we shall meditate and bring in each new breath with joy and awareness to keep the mind in the NOW.