Does time heal all wounds? – 05 Jan 10


Time, consciousness and awareness are words that I used when writing yesterday. All three words are difficult to grasp, they are abstract, nothing that you can hold. And this is how all three also behave.

There is a saying ‘Time heals all wounds’. Of course this saying refers to emotional wounds, injuries in your heart. It is something that your best friend might say to you after a separation. In all emotional pain and distress, be it sadness because you lost someone whom you love or anger because someone cheated on you or any other very strong emotion, you feel at the beginning that this will never end. You are in this feeling, believe that you will never be able to love like this again, that you will never be happy again. Your consciousness is fully in this feeling and you are aware of every moment because each moment hurts again.

Now people say that time can heal this, others say that it only teaches you to live with this pain. Do you forget your pain because you let your consciousness move towards daily life again? I believe it is not only a matter of time. It is your decision, to let the gaps that you feel in your heart fill with love again. It is not a forgetting of pain, it is a decision for happiness and love. Maybe you will still feel that pain if you think back to this moment even after 20 years, but you will be able to look at it from another position and you will know how the story went on, how you decided to love in your life and you are now living and breathing freely in this love.

4 Replies to “Does time heal all wounds? – 05 Jan 10”

  1. I think time helps you head get full of other experiences and puts your pain into perspective. in time you become a different person and different people are hurt by different things.

  2. A thought may come to you about the past that fills you with sadness and this is fine and in alignment with life. Sometimes a person may force painful thoughts into their head or become attached to their own painful story and attract pain and abuse wherever they go. And onlookers may sense that there is something wrong with this or they may be very attracted to it as well. The ego does not care how it defines itself. It only wishes for a strong identity. This pain in you is not you. A desire for more pain does not come from you but from your ego.

  3. I think that some emotional wounds never really go away… the pain is still alive in that memory. But as you said, with time we learn how to fill that void with love and to continue on with our lives. We heal our minds enough to forgive and forget a bit. But when that memory resurfaces, the pain is still real. Time always helps us learn how to deal with pain and continue feeling love.