Look back on Life – and marvel, nothing else! – 23 Sep 16


Yesterday, Ramona looked through an old photo album together with Apra. Upon seeing her mother in her teenage years, Apra exclaimed ‘But why did you look like that?’ Ramona didn’t know what to answer on this peculiar question. Apra finally asked further ‘When I will be a woman, will I also look different?’ Yes, of course – but we could not answer the following questions as to where she will be or what she would be doing. That brought me to today’s topic: our way in life.

From time to time, it is good to pause your daily routine for a while, take a breath and look back on where you have reached. What you have become and what you have done. Not to judge whether it is good or bad but to marvel in the development!

Of course a trip down memory lane will always bring you memories that you are happy about and you can take them and simply enjoy them. Others will make you sad or even angry. Let the emotions come and pass through.

Finally, you will look back onto your path and then onto your current position. Isn’t it amazing where life leads us through its own turns, our decisions, influence from the outside and more? Could you have guessed ten years ago where you would be now?

I couldn’t have. And that’s how I don’t even try to imagine where I will be ten years from now! I will be just fine, happy and enjoying life – I know this much. Anything else will emerge on the way there!

Life, Time

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