No Electricity and no Internet – a Winter Day in India – 25 Nov 09


Tonight we don’t have electricity. We don’t know exactly where but somewhere a line was cut again and since morning there is no light and no internet. For a while our inverter could cover the electricity but that only worked for some time. After that we needed to switch the computers off to save some battery to do at least the things which are definitely necessary such as uploading today’s diary with our emergency internet connection.

So this is what we are doing now. I actually like this. I like it when in winter there is no electricity, things work with candles and fire and people gather together to talk, to be together and to listen to each other. If the internet and the computer could work without the electricity so that our work could go on, then I would really prefer to spend the time like this.

Of course, electricity has brought us many advantages and nobody would want to miss it completely for example in summer when it gets so hot that you need a refrigerator and a fan. But of course it would work without, too, as it has worked years ago and as it is still working in villages all over the world. So this will be all for today, we will hurry up to get the diary translated and uploaded before the battery is gone.

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3 Replies to “No Electricity and no Internet – a Winter Day in India – 25 Nov 09”

  1. cozy around a warm fire, free from electricity that seems to stimulate us to do more, faster, making false urgency and extending our daylight and tricking our internal clock … sounds wonderful … add a fire-warmed cup of tea and the tradition of oral storytelling … perfect!

  2. This year I had about 6 month no warm water and for (only) two days no electricity. Im living in Germany, where warm water is absolutly needed. And I have to confes that I realy learned to value the comfort of having warm water in the time I hadn`t it.But having Electricity often lead to a lose of all the other stuff, which is realy importent. Such as talking to each other or playing music, read a good book till dawn or even just use your brain. It only become strange if ther is nobody to talk to or to play music with. I guess this is a think which our elders didn`t head. Electricity leaded many people in the western world to be lonly, which had been unknown in the past.

  3. Sure, electricity is one truly important component of our life. But to have electricity is not a naturalness, many countries of our world are still fighting with electricity failure. So, we should never take it for granted and be therefore be thankful. And if there comes such a day, when you can’t use your computer, just relax, it’s not the end of the world 😉