Computer Crash – Learning to Accept – 3 Jun 08


Today our computer crashed. It suddenly stopped working, did not make any move anymore and showed us thus very clearly that something was wrong. Yashendu had a look at it and already had an idea that this was not a small thing but was a problem with the heart of our computer, the hard disc.

So we packed our technical things into the car and went to Munich to let a specialist have a look on it. And yes, as Yashendu already had anticipated, it turned out that the hard disc was damaged and that the data could not be recovered. This is really bad news because we have all our files on that computer and we manage our website and all mail contacts with it. This means that all e-mails that reached us lately and that we could not answer until now are lost as well as a lot of texts that we had written for the website and for other occasions. It was a severe blow to our work because many people like you now read my diary and more of the website and we always communicate through the Internet with people all over the world.

I know many people in this kind of situation would be angry that this happened, angry with themselves for not having made enough backup and just in an emotional chaos. However this does not really help in this situation. Of course we also feel that it was not really necessary to lose all the data but everything happens for a reason if it is only to teach us to make a proper backup. In this situation we can laugh and make jokes although we had to buy a new computer and will be busy with installing everything on it again. We live our feelings and we do not fall into our emotion of anger or sadness. Okay, this happened and now we have more work to do but it is okay. There is no reason that could spoil the whole day or evening. It is like this now and we have to accept it. I think it is healthier to accept things in this way instead of becoming angry or sad for a long time. Everything is fine, it will be good for something.

4 Replies to “Computer Crash – Learning to Accept – 3 Jun 08”

  1. What a let down! These little road blocks can be devestating sometimes. But in the end, when you realize that it’s really okay to lose these things, you have to go back and laugh at yourself and how important it felt to have those things at the time.

  2. It is unbelievable that computers can sometimes create such emotions when they don’t work or when they are really slow. We start to get angry, to shout and talk with the object and we can’t be rational in this moment. Otherwise, when they work, we don’t have the same intense feelings, we don’t start to sing and be happy… How come?