Connecting through Phone and Skype with Germany and India – 14 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

My morning today started with calling my friend Michael in Germany to wish him a happy birthday. He also sponsored the food for today so that the children could celebrate with him. He told me that he is looking forward to hear about our experiences here in America. And I am looking forward to tell him, too. We have still two weeks left before we go back to Germany. And then one week to go to India.

Ramona, Yashendu and I were talking about it today and we are very much looking forward to go back. This time it was very long that we were away, full six months. But it is also great that with modern technology we could talk with our family and even see them. So we know what is going on there and it feels like being a bit closer. The small children were very surprised when they saw us one day sitting next to them and two days later they see us in the computer. We all agreed that it will be wonderful to see them soon again.

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  1. This is the wonderful part of modern technology, we can stay connected with our many contacts, family and friends. Sure, technology won’t ever replace real closeness, but it can help to reduce our homesickness or the feeling of missing someone.