Last day before flying to India – 31 Aug 08


Today was the last day in Germany. We were busy with packing and also with work on our website. Maybe some of you have realized that some changes are going on when they could not see some of the pages of the website. We are in the process of changing server and this might take until tomorrow. We are sorry if some pages do not open at the moment but we hope that in some hours everything should be back to normal and even a bit better. We are looking forward very much to the flight tomorrow. We packed everything that we will take and everything that we will leave here. We have already checked in online and have our boarding passes. In the morning we will start, have a stop at the bakery to get some bread which we will take to India, and at 13:45 our flight leaves Frankfurt in direction Delhi.

We had a wonderful dinner at Sabine’s house. She had cooked a delicious meal and my friends Zelly and Mike joined us in the celebration of our last evening. It was really a great goodbye dinner in lovely company. 

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