Realize that your real Life is more important than your online World – 4 Mar 15


There are a lot of people nowadays who spend a very big amount of time of their day on their phones or tablets, not working but communicating through social media. I don't think it is bad. I don't say you shouldn't do it. I do say however that you need to be careful not to think everything you read online is reality.

I have seen this happen with many people, especially with those who have a tendency to feeling inferior to others. They read all those great status updates, tweets and statements of others and then feel bad about their own lives.

Maybe some time ago, this happened when people looked at magazines and read interviews with celebrities who seemed to have so great lives, from a perfect body to the loving partner and of course success and money. It was a shock for everyone when such persons then committed suicide – nobody had noticed that their life was actually miserable and not glamorous at all, as it was displayed in the media.

Then they looked at their real friends however and could see that they are not the only real people with problems, issues and different moods.

Today, when looking at a lot social media posts, you wonder whether the authors of those texts are always-happy, super-perfect ideals or actually real human beings. And that's where I think the danger lies.

For those who like comparing themselves to others, the result can easily be to feel bad. Now these others are not anymore celebrities whom they have never seen but their real friends and acquaintances! Now it seems like everyone around them is really living in a wonderful heaven-like world, experiencing so many fun things and getting so much love from everyone – just they are not.

I would like to recommend everyone who has such feelings to take the eyes off the screen for some time and actually meet the people whose lives they follow online. Get in touch with real life again and see that you can write anything while not writing what really moves you. Obviously, many people would like to share their good moments online while going through bad times on their own! They don't want pity or words of compassion in a fictional world when what they really need is a shoulder to cry on!

This world online is great, you can be in touch with people all around the world and see what they are doing – but don't forget to live a real life, too, meet people in flesh, too, and be yourself, a human being with emotions of all kinds!

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