Technology and Technique Helping you as Long as they Work – 15 Jun 08


Those who read my diary regularly know that one week ago our hard disc crashed and we had to send it to India to see if we can get the data back. Today I got to know from Purnendu that they were able to save half of our data already and that they are still trying with the second half. I am happy about the data that we got back and we will see if they can give us the rest, too.

I like technical things. Only because of technology you are now able to read my thoughts daily in my online diary. People all around the globe can get to know who I am, where I am and what I am doing, it is great. Of course, a computer is a machine, you never know if it works or not.

Last night something unexpected happened again: suddenly the internet connection was gone and we were not able to put the diary onto the website. We have tried for a long time and Yashendu was up until five o’clock in the morning trying to find a way to get internet. As he could not manage either he also went to bed and when I got up in the morning the connection was back as if it had always worked fine and we could finally upload the diary. This can happen and I hope the readers will understand that the diary can be online a bit late sometimes.

So one time our computer failed and one time the internet failed. They are machines with which it can easily happen. We cannot even fully trust our body, our heart system, our breathing system. This also can fail so why is it astonishing when a technical system fails? Technology is great as long as it works. Technology helps you to reach a goal more easily.

The actual meaning of Tantra is technique. If you have a difficult target, a technique helps you to obtain it in an easy way. I give you an example: If the floor is dirty you can sweep it with a broom but if you use technology, if you use a vacuum cleaner, it is easier to get it clean. You can use technique, you can use Tantra to make it easier. Lots of funny things were made out of Tantra. I also have a page about that on my website but Tantra literally means technique. And technology is not too different.

4 Replies to “Technology and Technique Helping you as Long as they Work – 15 Jun 08”

  1. I know your readers are certainly glad you’re so dedicated to posting online. I love reading your posts with a cup of coffee every morning.Keep writing Swami Ji! And keep on enjoying it too.

  2. It is amazing how our technology has changed the world in such a short period of time. We have access to so much information instantly through the internet. So much information, so fast that we can’t even keep up with it! Through Swami Ji’s blog, we have discussed and analyzed issues and differences in Indian, European, and American cultures. We can compare ideas and discuss life… We make realizations about the world here on the internet before real life can catch up! For example, we can discuss across the globe the differences in sex education or the suppression of the caste system– we can solve these issues through online dialogue, but the actual issues in our countries will be much slower to change and evolve. We know so much about the world, but social progress is waiting to catch up.