No Tantra Workshop with Me or Yashendu – 6 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

Yesterday I said that I want to be open for everybody to approach me. And we love to live like this. However we sometimes also had the experience that this openness can create difficulties. Shortly someone asked Ramona if we could do a workshop with her. Being open, we accepted this and a few days later we saw that our chakra workshop was being advertised as a tantric workshop without us even knowing it. As Tantra is really misunderstood here in the west and only seen as a certain type of sex, we needed to cancel this workshop.

I wanted to write this especially in today’s diary to let you know, even if you see an advertisement for a tantric workshop with my and Yashendu’s name, this is not going to take place. In this advertisement we are also mentioned as masters and ‘tantric gurus’.

Many people who see me for the first time or see a picture of me think that I must be a guru. However if they just take some minutes and have a look at our website, they will read in the first lines there, that I am everything else but a guru. People often only see what they want to see and many people want to see a guru. They come to me with different expectations which just don’t fit with my personality.

I will be very happy to help you if I can by sharing my own experience but I will not tell you what you have to do. You need to make your decision yourself. This is what my philosophy is: you don’t need to be a follower. I can be your friend, not your master.

5 Replies to “No Tantra Workshop with Me or Yashendu – 6 Sep 09”

  1. Wow. Maybe they used the name Tantra because they know that sex sells. But then people would come to the chakra dance party and realize it’s not about sex or Tantra! Good thing you cancelled it. Your reputation is too awesome to be shaded by this.