Can a Tantra Workshop make Pregnant? – 4 May 10


I remember a story but unfortunately not anymore exactly the name of the man that it was about. Someone told me that there was a yoga guru, a yoga master who gave yoga and also Tantra workshops. My opinion about typical Tantra workshops in the West might already be known through my diary entries. So this man gave Tantra workshops and one day, he got to know that a young student, only 18 years old, got pregnant in his workshop. From him. He, more than 60 years of age, did not wait long, he divorced his wife, also older than 60, and married the girl who was younger than his daughters of first marriage.

As I said, this is not Tantra as it was meant to be. This should not happen in a Tantra workshop. It just shows once more that the word Tantra is being abused. Sometimes I feel that all those teachers for Tantra workshops only search for a possibility to have sex with as many people as they can. They call it Tantra, pure energy, sexual energy and more, but it is not anything of the ancient belief but more like an orgy, a sex party with massages, touching and sex. It is just lust, you will not find any real Tantra in that.

I am very happy today!

5 Replies to “Can a Tantra Workshop make Pregnant? – 4 May 10”

  1. There is a tantra community in England where they require you to be naked only when guest come to teach the lessons. Sounded interesting.

  2. What a crazy story! Hopefully this girl did not feel abused or raped by him… but in the end they started a family together! Weird. I really don’t think this is true Tantra. Real tantra can involve sexual energy without actual sex!

  3. If people are interested in spiritual subjects they can learn from Gurus. But how can they learn it, when a Guru produces something completely different out of concepts like Tantra? Of course the origin meaning will get lost. It’s sad that so many traditions can’t survive because of this personal form of abuse 🙁

  4. This post is so interesting simply because you make these very true statements about yantra and how it should not be abused and I completely agree with you, but then at the same time you write at the end of the post that you area very happy! I want to keep reading simply to discover why it is that you are so very happy! It’s almost like a cliff hanger of some sorts.