Sun Eclipse a Sign of Evil Powers – 20 Feb 10


There is no sure proof of when exactly our planet and all other planets came into existence. Scientists are able to calculate and say it approximately but in the end that, too, is like a rough guess which probably comes close to the truth but nobody can say it exactly. Scientists and research may have one thesis, one calculation of how it most probably could have been.

Religion however, which has its role in all parts of life and an own theory of how everything on earth works, of course also has an own interpretation about how and when this earth was created and how and when life started. Different religions will have different calculations and guesses which can vary very much from each other and again very much from what scientists say. And not only for the age of the planets, where scientists can only guess, for many natural phenomena, too, religion had and even today still has another explanation than the one proved by scientists.

In older times, when science was not as far developed as today, whenever our forefathers were not able to understand something, they related it to God, to religion, to a supreme energy, to the devil or to paranormal powers. They turned to religion for an explanation and it was usually provided.

If you see a sun eclipse for example: Hindu belief is that in the time when the sun is darkened, there are evil powers and sun and moon are in trouble. So when even sun and moon are in trouble, evil powers must be all around us and we need to take good care of ourselves. This is how in the time of a sun eclipse pregnant women and children did not leave the house. After the eclipse was over, they washed themselves and cleaned the house from all the rests of evil which might still be there. 

You may have difficulties believing it but people here still do the same thing whenever there is a sun eclipse, even if it is only a penumbral one. It is funny because it is just a normal thing that happens again and again and of course science has sure proof why this happens. This constellation with the moon in between sun and earth happens regularly and is nothing mysterious but this belief still stayed. Even some well educated people stay inside, keep the children inside and are afraid. For no real reason at all. Interesting to see how big an impact old religious explanations can have.

Today our dear friend Su arrived at the Ashram after a long journey and we are very happy to have her here again.

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