Stress at the Workplace and what to do against it - 17 May 10
New York
United States of America

I recently talked with a good friend about the stress that many people have all the time. Of course the first place where people feel stress is their work place. You have a hundred things to do, fifty people wanting something from you at the same time, your boss waiting for results and your juniors for instructions and maybe some praise.
Often the boss has a lot of stress, too, but it is also mostly up to him or them, if it is several directors, to create the atmosphere in which everyone works. If those who are at the head of the pyramid can relax and show their employees that everything is fine as long as they do serious efforts, everybody can calm down and – ultimately – work much better and more efficiently! So my appeal goes first of all to all directors: help your employees feel good at their working place.

Of course it helps very much if the boss is not stressed but also every employee and each member of a company can just relax for himself, even in the biggest stress situation. The main thought that can always help relax is, that this all is only a part of the big game of life. How much does your work really matter? It is unusual that someone’s life really depends on it that you manage to talk with five people at the same time or that this letter still goes out today. Yes, I know, sometimes there are important decisions, many responsibilities and there are things that need to be done or a lot of money could be lost but in the end you need to see that you are human, you do what you can and whatever cannot be done will also be okay.

I believe if you have a relaxed and calm attitude towards work and events, you can achieve much more, use your time much better and enjoy also in a much better way!

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  1. Brigitte Wunsch

    Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness. ~Richard Carlson trying to be stress- free…….. 😉 That’s one of the reasons why I like India, people are not so stressed all the time!

  2. Emily

    Well stated, Swami. It’s good to remember that you will be more productive and relaxed if you just stay present and accomplish one thing at a time. Rather than stressing about future deadlines and everything you have to accomplish, just trust that you have all the time necessary and it starts with the present moment- accomplish one thing now.And at the end of the day, you are not your job! Even if you don’t get everything done, life will go on! Even if you get fired…life will still go on! Just trust and let go.

  3. Anna

    I think the problem is that many people define theirself about the amount of work they can do, their job position and their importance for the company. For beeing acknowledged the boundaries are high and they would keep working and working and working. But the question here is: Am I defined by my job? The answer to that should definetely be no. So often the effort is not worth is and it wont help you for being happy.

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