German Planning can Keep Stress Away – 10 Jul 10


As we were talking about Germany and the typical German attitude, I need to say that you can really relax when a German person is with you because you know that they have planned everything already. You do not need to think much yourself. Actually they make the plan so that they can relax themselves. They plan a celebration evening with the family for example and they have planned everything so that on the day itself, they can just lean back and enjoy. I know, sometimes they also get stressed then, but often I see that the planning before just helps them to relax later because they know everything is going according to plan. So German planning keeps stress away from everybody, they just need to take care not to get stressed while planning themselves.

Even if one laughs about it sometimes, it is good to be close to a typical German person. Whenever you need a pen and paper, you will get it. Whenever you need fire, he or she has one in the pocket – even if he or she doesn’t smoke. Many people have scissors, filers and all kinds of things in their pocket. Just in case. And everything is sorted nicely in the pocket, it doesn’t take even a minute to take anything out because everything has its place. I sometimes enter a kitchen at a friend’s house and everything looks exactly as it did one, two or three years ago, nothing changed, you find everything where it was before.

Travelling is also easy in Germany, trains are mostly punctual, if they have a delay, they also take care of you and your connecting trains and on the train stations you find many signs that show you where to go. This is how we arrived in Augsburg today where we will stay for a day with Ramona’s father.

5 Replies to “German Planning can Keep Stress Away – 10 Jul 10”

  1. I used to work as a hotel maid, and me and my co-workers always knew that if a German person or family was staying in the room we wouldn’t be able to find work to do because everything is in order. I often wonder what it is like to have everything in order!

  2. My parents and I have German heritage, and it makes so much sense now! We are always planning things down to every detail to make sure things go smoothly. While it certainly got me good grades in school, I have to say it does take a toll on you. The stress of planning can add up. And it also doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity! Sometimes it’s good to have no plan at all and just go with the flow. Maybe I will borrow a German for the day, so I can relax more, haha!

  3. German planning and organnisation can be a very good thing. But there are things in life that can´t be planned. And if you still try to plan there are suddenly so many outcomes that it just messes up your head. So sometimes no plan and be open about the things coming is the more healthy way…

  4. Compared to other nationalities German people are very well organised. If you go to meet a friend or business partner in Germany at four, he won’t be there at five 😉 They are very reliably and will never make you wait. I think this is also a nice way to show somebody your respect.