Be Ready to Relax Your Mind – 23 May 10

League City
United States of America

One of my friends, who is a massage therapist, said something the other day which I found really fitting to the topic of stress in every day’s life. She said that with some people, when she gives a massage, she has to think of a boxer. He is in the ring, in a fight, then the bell rings, a short break and he goes to the trainer. He quickly gets a rub, just to make him feel better and off you go – back into the fight!

She made this comparison because people come to her with the expectation ‘You will fix me so I can be better and faster’ and they really come for half an hour and start working right after again. No time for relaxation, it has to go on. This is life for many people who judge their success on how many unfulfilled tasks they still have. Always busy, always in a hurry.

You need to realize though, if you want your body to feel good, you can go to as many massages as you want but you have to relax your mind. You cannot be going through your next appointment in the mind while you are lying there. You need to be ready to relax for another person to help you. I say the same thing for the healing sessions, too, you need to be ready for healing. Nobody can do anything for you if you are not ready for it.

2 Replies to “Be Ready to Relax Your Mind – 23 May 10”

  1. In Craniosacral Therapy, it’s all about connecting to the part of us that is fluid – our fluid system. Breathing into the pulsations of the body can be incredibly relaxing and healing. The most stable rhythm is the Long Tide within us, and we may find it if we spend time tracking the pulsations within us.

  2. A lot of people get massages thinking that they can solve their problems of stress by relieving the tension in the body– but this is the result of stress, not the cause. It definitely helps you to feel better… but relieving stress all together is a matter of the mind. The perspective of the mind is what causes feelings of stress, which is what causes tension in the body. I think it helps if you really look at your perspective and thoughts and ask yourself, what am I so worried about? Can I relax now?